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TWENTY-SEVEN CLOTHING LTD is a local manufacturer/supplier of (knitted garments) Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Hoodies and Caps, based in Sir Virgile Naz Street, Curepipe. Since 2017, we have established the culture of support local and buy local.

Team27 entails to work relentlessly to give its customers the most compelling quality clothing; offer client the best possible comfort with branded retail/ corporate uniforms with a wide selection, quality and value of garments in Mauritius.

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Latest News:

Branded Retail T-Shirt

Do you have a Retail Outlet? You need branded tees for resale.

Corporate Face-Mask Manufacturing

We supply branded face-mask with your company logo in embroidery. Protect your team at work. Stay Safe Mauritius.

Polo-Shirt Manufacturing

We supply corporate polo-shirt in bulk with your company logo in embroidery.

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